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Rest Assured Tutorial

This is a full-fledged tutorial on Rest API testing using one of a very popular Java-based API i.e ’Rest Assured‘ library. It is in high demand among automation testers. In this guide, we are going to present solutions which are easily understandable and quick to implement and use. This rest assured tutorial is not only for beginners but for advanced users as well.

Java 13 Tutorial

Java 13 came up with not many but few excellent developer features that can be very handy to use. It has some other great features which are majorly related to improvements in JVM but worth checking.

Other useful tutorials

Apache HttpClient Tutorial

This is a full-fledged tutorial on one of a very popular Java-based API i.e ‘Apache HttpClient’ library. It is a client side HTTP transport library. It’s objective is to transmit and receive HTTP messages. This guide covers all major functionalities to test API.

Karate Dsl Tutorial

This is an extensive tutorial on a relatively new open source tool in the market to perform REST API testing. It is built on top on Cucumber and therefore, those who don’t know programming, this tool will make their life easier.

Java 11

Since version 9, Java started to drop new releases quite often. Some release had quite some new features as well as improvements, 11 was one of them. It has some great features which are worth to look for.

Java 9

Java 9 considered as the revolutionary change being made in the history of Java. Java 9 brought the concept of module into Java programming and brought so many other exciting features as well.

Java 8

Java 8 was one of the most awaited and a major release. This tutorial will explain topics like functional interface, anonymous class, lambda, streams, etc. with simple and effective examples.

Java Examples Collection

Here, you’ll find so many useful Java examples. This list consists of basic as well as complex java problems but all solutions are implemented using features released before Java 8.

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