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Iterate through a List in Java - 5 Unique ways - Techndeck

5 Unique ways to Iterate through List in Java | Iterate using advanced For, Java 8 streams and more – Techndeck

Java introduced numerous ways to achieve a particular coding objective and, this is what we are going to learn and take advantage of to 'Iterate through List' using various techniques. You can pick any approach to use in your projects. All approaches have their own...

Java – Math pow() method with Example

It's very basic in Arithmetic to do the 'power of a number'. What this means is that a number will be multiplied as many times as what the power is. In this post, we will learn how to power a number in Java using Math.pow() Signature: [crayon-6287fe8496c55687704878/]...
Square a number in Java

Java – How to find Square of a Number

It's a very basic question not in terms of programming but in maths as well. In this post, we will learn how to square a number in Java using different ways. We are going to use either: By multiplying the number with itself By using Math.pow() [bctt tweet="Java 8...

How to convert File to URL and vice versa in Java

In this tutorial, we will see "How to convert File to URL and vice versa in Java ?" While converting File to URL, we are first converting File to a URI and then URI to a URL. Similarly, while converting URL to a File, we convert URL to URI first and then URI to a...

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