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How to Read Test Data from CSV File in Selenium Webdriver

In this post, we are going to see how to "Read CSV Files In Selenium WebDriver". well, It's a common requirement for any organization to use some sort of data driven approach as part of Automation Testing Framework. Most often, Excel files are used for this...

Data Driven Testing using CSV File in Selenium WebDriver

In this post, we are going to perform "Data Driven Test Using CSV File In Selenium WebDriver". well, It's a major requirement for any organization to use some sort of data driven approach. Reading test data from CSV file is one most common way in hybrid testing...

Extent Reports – Simple Steps to Generate Reporting in Selenium Webdriver

Extent Reports is quite a popular tool among Automation Testers. As we know that Test Reporting is a fundamental need of any automation framework and a must implement activity in Quality Assurance. Selenium although provides in-built reports with the help of Testng Or...

How to take screenshot of a Web page using Selenium WebDriver in Java

Selenium is one of the most popular automation testing framework and has the capability to capture screenshot of a web page. It runs on all major browsers. So, in this particular example, we are going to use Google Chrome. As it can be used in various programming...

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