Java brought quite a number of vital improvements for developers. Switch Expressions (Standard) is one of the key improvements released under JEP 361. You can download Java 14 by clicking here.

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JEP 361 – Switch Expressions (Standard)

If you check my article on Java 13 here. You will see that ‘Switch Expression Enhancements’ came under JEP-354 but it was a preview feature. In fact, Java 12 also had this feature as a preview. But, now from Java 14 onwards, this feature is no longer a preview but a standard feature. By standard, it means that you don’t need to specify --enable-preview option to access this feature. It’s permanent now since 14.

Just to give you a brief idea again on what this change is all about. Now, we can return a value from the switch using ‘yield’. This change was there in 13 (in preview mode) but Java 14 extended it a little by allowing to use (->) to return the values as well.


Let’s see this example below which returns value through ‘Yield’.

Let’s see this example below which returns value through ‘Yield’ and ‘Arrow’:

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