Comparator example – Collections sort with/without Lambda in Java 8

In this post, we will show you two different approaches to perform a collection sorting. One way is through traditional way by using Comparator class and in next example, we will see how to use Lambda expression that came into existence since Java 8 to sort the collections and making the code much elegant and declarative. In this example, we will see How to replace a classic Comparator to sort a collection with Java 8 Lambda expression?”.

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In this tutorial, we are going to cover below topics:

  • Collection sorting with classic Comparator (solution before Java 8)
  • Collection sorting using lambda expression (solution after Java 8)


Let’s begin:

1. Collection sorting using Comparator (without Lambda)

Comparator Syntax:



In this example, we are sorting the list by age using classic comparator.




2. Collections sorting using Lambda

Lambda syntax:

Sort the list directly using Lambda expression in Java 8. There is no need to pass the list into collections object before comparing it anymore. 



In this example, we are sorting the list by age using Java 8 Lambda expression.




See, how elegant and powerful Java 8 Lambda is.

Easiest representation of collections sort using Java 8 Lambda...!!! Click To Tweet


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