XSLT is a short form of ‘EXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation’, powerful technology and used to transform XML into various formats such as HTML. In this post, we will see how to convert an XML file to HTML with the help of XSLT in Java.

Key points:

  • HTML stands for ‘Hypertext Markup Language’.
  • XML stands for ‘Extensible Markup Language’.
  • XSLT provides the ability to transform XML from one format to another.
  • XSL is used to filter and sorts the XML data and can format XML.
  • XSL can be used to define how an XML file should look like by transforming the XML file into a browser recognizable format.


Prerequisite Files:

1. XML file (say report.xml)

2. XSL file (say stylesheet.xsl)


Sample XML file : report.xml

Sample XSL file : stylesheet.xsl

Below is the Java code to generate an HTML file using above XML and XSL files: (say report.html)

Below is the generated HTML report (report.html):

HTML Report