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Double the even/odd numbers ArrayList using Java 8 Streams - Techndeck

Double the even/odd numbers ArrayList using Java 8 Streams

In this post, we will see how to double the even and odd numbers present in an ArrayList separately with the help of Java 8 Streams.

Let’s say: There is an ArrayList of 10 integer values as shown below. In the first example, using Streams, we are going to double each even integer of the ArrayList and In the second example, we are going to double odd integers.

Example 1


Output 1:


Example 2


Output 2:


That’s it. It’s that easy to double the even and odd numbers of ArrayList with the power of Java 8 Streams.

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7 thoughts on “Double the even/odd numbers ArrayList using Java 8 Streams

  1. Hi, your filter function works only because of List input and ONLY because it has odd and even numbers. If you place there random even numbers, for example 22, 33, 44, 24, 56 – it won’t work it will do pow(x, 2) to all numbers, not only to even. Basically, our code incorrect in terms of what it should do

    1. Hi Bohdan,

      As what I understood, you said if you tried with list items [22, 33, 44, 24, 56], it’s not working as intended.

      Well, I tried, it’s working completely fine.

      Please correct me if I didn’t understand your question clearly. Kindly, let me know and i’ll try to help out asap.


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