Java introduced numerous ways to achieve a particular coding objective and, this is what we are going to learn and take advantage of to ‘Iterate through List’ using various techniques. You can pick any approach to use in your projects. All approaches have their own advantages.

5 Unique ways to Iterate through a LIST in Java

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In this tutorial, we are going to use below approaches to Iterate a List:

  1. Traditional For Loop
  2. Enhanced For Loop
  3. ForEach Lambda Expression
  4. Java 8 Streams
  5. Iterator / ListIterator

1. Iterate using ‘Traditional For Loop’


2. Iterate using ‘Enhanced For Loop’


3. Iterate using ‘ForEach Lambda Expression’


4. Iterate using ‘Java 8 Streams’


5. Iterate using ‘Iterator / ListIterator’

In programming, List Iteration is a very common phenomenon and it’s very rare that you are not going to encounter a scenario in your programming career where you need to use the List Iteration and how wonderful and useful it is to know various ways of doing it. Isn’t it? Well, Having said that, I hope above examples could help you to get a better understanding on various approaches on implementing the List Iteration in Java.

Learn 5 Unique ways to ITERATE a LIST in Java...!!! Click To Tweet

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