In this tutorial, we will see “How to use allMatch vs anyMatch methods in a Stream in Java 8” with most simplest examples so that even beginners can understand with ease. In Java 8, the Stream interface provides two methods to check if all or any elements in a stream match a given predicate: allMatch and anyMatch.

Java 8 stream allmatch vs anymatch


Here is an example of using allMatch to check if all elements in a stream of integers are greater than 10:







And, here is an example of using anyMatch to check if any element in a stream of strings is equal to “Techndeck”:





Note that both allMatch and anyMatch return a boolean value indicating whether or not the predicate is true for all or any elements in the stream, respectively. They short-circuit and stop processing the stream as soon as they find the first element that matches (in the case of anyMatch) or the first element that does not match (in the case of allMatch).


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