BooleanSupplier Interface in Java 8 with examples

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BooleanSupplier Interface is a part of the java.util.function package which is introduced in Java 8. It is an in-built Functional Interface. This function doesn’t expect any input but produces a boolean-valued output. In this post, we are going to see several implementations of BooleanSupplier Interface by using different examples.



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Look at BooleanSupplier Javadoc description below:


As you’ve seen in the above screenshot, BooleanSupplier Interface contains only the following function:

boolean getAsBoolean();

This method represents a supplier of boolean-valued results. This is the boolean-producing primitive specialization of Supplier.



Java 8 BooleanSupplier Interface is an absolute useful addition as part of ‘Functional Interfaces’ and can serve variety of purposes. It is quite powerful as it can be used as a higher order functions through lambda functions and above examples could help you to get better idea on how to implement it.


BooleanSupplier Interface in Java 8 Examples...!!! Click To Tweet


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